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GMP and ISO Certificates of Dharmani's International

Dharmani's International is a leading herbal manufacturing company from India with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO certifications. The company manufactures ayurvedic products and natural herbal supplements under the technical guidance of Ayurved Research Foundation. Dharmani's International is situated at foothills of Himalaya Mountains, in the beautiful cities of Dehradun and Gurgaon, well connected with the world.

The herbal products and ayurvedic remedies by Dharmani's International are prepared with unique ayurvedic methods and made out of pure herbal ingredients. We maintain best quality of our production system as per the vedic theories. We offer finished herbal supplements, ayurvedic products and natural dietary supplements to our distributors worldwide.

Our wide range of health products includes high quality ayurvedic products containing single herbal extracts as well as polyherbal formulations. We have traditional herbal powder blends, herbal tablets and medicated oils. The products are useful in conditions like joint care, heart care, anti-aging, blood pressure, memory, stress anxiety relievers, male health, female health, aphrodisiacs, prostate health, liver and kidney care, skin care, digestion support and many others!

Our ISO And GMP Certificates

Dharmanis ISO CertificateDharmanis GMP Certificate

Men Health
Anti Aging
Energy Supplement
Erectile Dysfunction
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Excessive Precum
Low Sperm Count
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