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Herbal Iron Supplement, Natural Treatment For Anemia, Iron Deficiency

Thousands of men and women suffer with iron deficiency which causes illness, lack of energy and severe debility; herbal iron supplements are side-effect free and remove deficiency of this mineral in the body. Iron is one of the most vital minerals needed by human body for staying healthy, energetic and strong, presence of this mineral ensures that human blood contains sufficient number of red blood cells. Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen to cells. In human body thousands of cells die everyday which are reproduced in equal or more numbers by the body. When cells are working they need regular nourishment and oxygen to stay healthy and reproduce quickly. Higher cell reproduction ensures optimum tissue health which results in stronger and healthier organs including muscles and bones.

Herbal Iron SupplementWhen human has lesser red blood cells the oxygen carrying capacity of blood is reduced and cells do not get optimum nourishment. Lack of oxygen and nourishment slows down their reproduction which means cells die at higher rate and reproduce at slower rate. This process very quickly creates dearth of energy, strength and weakens organs of the body, it also slows down functioning of vital systems of the body to cause severe debility. Such body becomes prone to many diseases and illnesses and has reduced longevity and quality of life. Herbal iron supplements are recommended to people who suffer with iron deficiency and also to others who may not be iron-deficient but want to stay healthy and energetic for longer period in life.

Food we eat produces iron which gets absorbed in the blood, iron absorption takes place in proximal deudoenum. Iron in human body is largely present in erythrocytes as hemoglobin; hemoglobin carries oxygen through blood to all parts of the body. Apart from oxygen carrying role iron also forms a protein chain which provides nourishment to cells and tissues of organs and muscles. Large part of iron is in the form of hemoglobin apart from that iron is also stored in liver, spleen and bone marrow. Lesser quantity of iron in the body either caused by poor diet, improper digestion, poor absorption or due to other ailments and diseases cause fatigue, breathlessness, debility, poor focus, muscular weakness, poor functioning of various organs and low immunity in adults.

In children, iron deficiency can cause weak growth, brittle bones, impaired performance in cognitive tasks, restlessness and behavioral disturbances. Iron deficiency is more common in women compared to men, women due to menstrual cycle, pregnancy and breastfeeding become victim of this problem more easily than men. Herbal iron supplements are recommended by health experts to men and women both for overcoming lack of this mineral, herbal iron supplements increase level of iron content naturally without causing any side effects. These supplements are also recommended for people beyond 30 years as after this age digestion slows down and poor absorption of iron can cause its deficiency even after taking healthy diet.

Intake of herbal iron supplement protects the body from harmful effects of lack of iron by allowing its easy absorption and maintaining optimum content of iron in the blood in people of any age or taking any type of diet. Feroplex is widely recommended herbal iron supplement which contains ingredients like Lauh Bhasma, Mandur Bhasma, Kasis Bhasma and Mishri. Regular intake of this supplement supplies iron in easily absorbable form to maintain healthy iron level in the body and keep body energetic, strong and healthy. Some tremendous benefits of Feroplex herbal iron supplement are as follows.

Regular intake of Feroplex herbal iron supplement ensures supply of iron in bio-available form which gets easily absorbed in the body irrespective of age, slow digestion or any other disease. It is beneficial for children, adults and elderly people alike.

Herbal iron supplement increases number of red blood cells in the blood improves oxygen supply to cells and promotes higher cell reproduction. These benefits cure anemia and strengthen tissues of organs and muscles of the body.

Herbal iron supplement supplies iron which improve functioning of liver and spleen and strengthens bones. Substantial part of iron is stored in bone-marrow which is very beneficial for musculoskeletal system of human body, it is beneficial for preventing diseases like Osteoarthritis, osteogeneis imperfecta, polymyalgia, osteoporosis etc commonly found in elderly people and women.

Herbal iron supplements at growing age provide optimum growth and strong immunity, lack of iron at tender age and can lead to poor health for entire life and even cause deformities. Use of supplements in children ensures their sound health and strong musculoskeletal system.
Use of herbal iron supplements prevent restlessness, fatigue and poor focus in children; it prevents problems like scanty, irregular and painful periods and also weakness and anemia in women; and keeps an adult male energetic, stronger and healthier.

Apart from these there are many other known and unknown benefits which one can get by using Feroplex herbal iron supplement. Due to purely herbal nature it does not cast any side effects and is safe for person of any age.

Ingredients Of Feroplex Capsule

Ferrum (Lauh Bhasma), Ferri Peroxidum (Mandur Bhasma), Ferri Sulphas (Kasis Bhasma), Purified Sugar Candy (Mishri)


Take 1 or 2 capsules of Feroplex twice or thrice a day regularly for 3 to 4 months to obtain good result.

Natural Iron Supplement

Natural Treatment For Anemia
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