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Excessive Vaginal Discharge Treatment, Leucorrhoea Natural Cure

Women have mucous membrane in their genital passage which keeps entire passage damp by producing mild discharge. Excessive vaginal discharge treatment is for those who face too much discharge for a substantial period of time. Mucous membrane in women's genital passage secretes fluid to keep walls of this passage smooth and maintain their elasticity. Major role of this fluid is to maintain PH balance of this passage to prevent infections and growth of infectious agents. Too much discharge can be a symptom of various problems and infection in genital passage. Aabab tablets provide effective excessive vaginal discharge treatment. Urinary tract infections also cause excessive vaginal discharge, apart from these conditions side effects of medicines, allergies, uterine prolapse and unhealthy lifestyle can also cause too much discharge. Aabab tablets can provide safe and effective excessive vaginal discharge treatment occurring due to any of these reasons.

Excessive Vaginal Discharge TreatmentAabab tablets contain herbs which are prolific in maintaining health and resistance of female's genital passage. Mostly when tissue lining or walls of female genital passage are under stress these cause too much discharge. Aabab tablets provide effective excessive vaginal discharge treatment due to their strengthening and nourishing properties. These tables are excellent in curbing infections, allergies, side effects of medicines and ill-effects of unhealthy lifestyle. These tablets are effective in curing uterine prolapse and control too much discharge before menstrual cycle too. Aabab tablets are safe excessive vaginal discharge treatment for woman of any age.

Excessive discharge or leucorrhea can be frustrating and debilitating; it causes weakness and pain in low back and calves. Aabab tablets are effective leucorrhea natural cure which can control symptoms and cure the problem in a short time. These tablets contain astringent, antitremorine, local anesthetic, antifungal, antiviral, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which provide quick and safe leucorrhea natural cure. These tablets control excessive discharge but do not cause dryness, these improve elasticity of vaginal walls, these thicken tissue lining of walls and suppress infections and allergies to work as complete leucorrhea natural cure. Women due to leucorrhea experience severe itching and unpleasant odor from discharge, Aabab tablets suppress these symptoms quickly, these provide relief from itching and vanishes smelly discharge to provide effective leucorrhea natural cure.

Due to excessive discharge women cannot enjoy bedtime activities, excessive discharge does not allow proper grip of male reproductive organ which reduce sensation and fun for both the partners, apart from this women experience more discharge after lovemaking. Aabab tablets are complete leucorrhea natural cure as these reduce too much discharge and increase sensation in woman's genital passage. This leucorrhea natural cure along with treatment of the problem tightens genital passage by reshaping and contracting its walls. Women at later age suffer with hormonal fluctuations which cause thinning of tissue lining in female's genital passage to cause frequent profuse discharge. Aabab tablets provide effective leucorrhea natural cure by suppressing ill-effects of hormonal fluctuations and maintaining health of tissues. Aabab tablets provide safe, affordable and purely herbal leucorrhea natural cure, these do not contain any harmful chemical or artificial agent.

Ingredients Of Aabab Tablets

Argilla Vitriolutum, Quercus Infectoria


Insert one Aabab tablet into the vagina once or twice daily for good result. Aabab tablet is only intended for vaginal use and must not be taken orally.

Women who experience weakness due to leucorrhoea are advised to take Vital G-30 capsules along with using Aabab tablets. One Vital G-30 capsule twice daily with water or milk is suggested to eliminate weakness.

Leucorrhoea Natural Cure

Leucorrhoea Natural Cure
24 tablets $40 - Free
48 tablets $75 $5 Free
72 tablets
$110 $10 Free
96 tablets
(Best Save)
$140 $20 Free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is leucorrhoea?

Leucorrhoea is a medical condition in women and it refers to a whitish vaginal discharge that can be either odorless or have a bad smell. Although vaginal discharge is normal to some extent, leucorrhea should be identified and treated immediately because it can become chronic. In most of the cases the discharge is sticky and it causes itches. It can often be a natural defense mechanism of the body which has to eliminate toxins. Leucorrhoea does not have severe outbursts. It develops gradually and it can only become serious in time.

What are the major causes and symptoms of leucorrhoea?

Few women are aware of the fact that leucorrhea might be caused by poor eating habits and toxins which accumulate in the body. An unhealthy diet fills the body with toxins and organs like kidneys or lungs fail to eliminate them all. Bad hygiene can also cause leucorrhea, especially in young women. In some cases, the illness appears as a result of a more serious medical condition, like fungal infection, pelvic inflammation, hormonal imbalances or anemia. Women who often use shared toilets or who use tampons for prolonged time are very likely to develop an infection resulting in leucorrhoea. This is affecting pregnant women as well as women who have given birth and have a uterus that doesn't get back in its previous shape.

Symptoms of leucorrhoea include a white discharge, bad smell and also itching. Women affected by this condition might miss ovulation and develop fertility issues in time. A pain in the abdomen and the lower back is also common and severe cases might lead to burning sensations and aches in the anal region. Constipation can also affect some women with leucorrhoea.

How long does this excessive vagina discharge treatment take to cure leucorrhoea?

Aabab tablet is purely herbal composition so this product will take some time to give desired result. It is highly suggested to use Aabab tablets regularly for 1 to 2 months to obtain good result. As Aabab tablet is made of natural ingredients, you can use this leucorrhoea natural cure for long term without any fear of adverse side effects.

What additional things I can do to cure this problem fast?

Women who suffer of leucorrhoea because of bad eating habits and accumulation of toxins in the body can get rid of it by correcting these habits and by detoxifying their bodies. They should stay away of fried foods, fatty and sugary foods, spicy foods and junk or fast food. Instead, they should increase their intake of fresh fruits and vegetables and they can even try a couple of days of juice fasting because this flushes away toxins in the body. Drinking plenty of water also helps the body to get rid of toxins. Proper hygiene is very important both in the genital and the anal region.

Aabab Tablets + Vital G-30 Capsule

Aabab Tablets
24 Aabab + 60 Vital G-30 $75 $5 Free
48 Aabab + 120 Vital G-30 $150 $10 Free
72 Aabab + 180 Vital G-30
$220 $20 Free
96 Aabab + 240 Vital G-30
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$280 $40 Free
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