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Herbal Pain Relief Oil For Joint Pain, Arthritis, Back Pain And Stiff Joints

Rumoxil herbal pain relief oil is prepared by using herbs which possess strong properties to diffuse swelling and curb pain. These herbs also have ability to penetrate skin and go deep to affect internal organs of the body. Massage with Rumoxil herbal pain relief oil provide deep layer massage and eradicate pain completely. This herbal pain relief oil is not like OTC pain inhibiters which just numb the area to provide temporary relief. Rumoxil oil initiates curative activities in the affected area to alleviate pain and provides long lasting relief.

Herbal Pain Relief OilThere are many reasons which can cause pain at any part of the body; sprained muscles, damaged tissues and constricted nerves all can cause mild to severe pain. Pain occurring after injuries is due to clotting of blood in veins running through affected area. Massage with Rumoxil herbal pain relief oil increases blood flow to the affected part of the body, its ingredients go deep and increase warmth to rush more blood towards affected part. Increase in blood flow diffuses swelling and allows body to repair damage quickly. Higher blood flow promoted by herbal pain relief oil nourishes, relaxes and energizes muscles and other bodily organs to provide relief. Other ingredients used in this oil inhibit pain carrying signals to the brain to provide relief from pain. The effects of Rumoxil oil are purely natural and do not cast any side effects.

Rumoxil is excellent pain relief oil for joint pain and arthritis and it is also recommended widely for back pain and stiff joints too. Rumoxil oil possesses magical properties to improve bone health, promotes tissue regeneration, nourishes organs of the joints and promotes joint lubrication; these benefits make it potent pain relief oil for back pain and stiff joints too. Regular massage with Rumoxil oil diffuses swelling by delivering powerful anti-inflammatory properties, its ability to increase blood flow towards affected area allows body to improve health of bones forming the joints. Higher blood flow also nourishes muscles, ligaments and tendons which become weaker due to arthritis and cause joint pain, these properties make Rumoxil efficient pain relief oil for back pain and stiff joints too. Herbal pain relief oil affects deep tissues of joints and makes them strong to cure joint lethargy and prevents pain due to overuse. All these benefits of pain relief oil for joint pain and arthritis also prove immensely useful and make Rumoxil oil magical pain relief oil for back pain and stiff joints too.

Arthritis, obesity, wrong sitting postures etc can cause pain in any joint including back; Rumoxil oil's pain relieving properties make it excellent herbal remedy for joint pain and arthritis; these properties are equally beneficial for back pain too which also make it widely used pain relief oil for back pain and stiff joints. People who face problems while making movements and lethargy in joints can use Rumoxil oil for back pain and stiff joints to alleviate the problem. Rumoxil oil is useful for people suffering with sciatica and lumbago too. Rumoxil oil is wonderful for aging people who want to keep their joints healthy and strong by countering ill-effects of aging.

Ingredients Of Rumoxil Oil

Jaiphal oil (Myristica fragrans), Long oil (Caryophyllus aromaticus), Ajwain oil (Ptychotis Ajowan), Dalchini oil (Cinnamomum Zeylanica Blume), Tarpin Ka Tail (Pinus Longifolia Roxb.), Kapoor (Camphora), Gandhpatri oil (Eucalyptus Globulus Labill), Gandhpurna oil (Oil Winter Green), Satt paudina (Mentha Piperata), Bullelu Tail (Sesamum Indicum)


Shake the bottle of Rumoxil oil well before use. Massage the affected area gently with this oil till the oil is absorbed. Use this herbal pain relief oil two to three times a day regularly for 3 to 4 months for good result. Avoid direct fan for 15 to 20 minutes.

To get better and faster relief, it is highly suggested to use Rumoxil oil along with Rumoxil capsules.

Herbal Anti-inflammatory Pain Relief Oil

Joint Pain Arthritis, Back Pain Oil
2 bottles $30 - Free
3 bottles $40 $5 Free
5 bottles
$65 $10 Free
10 bottles
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$120 $30 Free

Rumoxil Capsule + Rumoxil Oil - Super Saver Combo Pack

Herbal Remedies For Swelling
100 Caps + 2 Oil $52 $1 Free
200 Caps + 4 Oil $102 $4 Free
300 Caps + 6 Oil
$148 $11 Free
400 Caps + 8 Oil
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$192 $20 Free

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I use natural pain relief oil to get relief from pain?

Pain and even chronic pain affects numerous people and it becomes a part of their lives. Pain can be occasional, caused by a certain illness or accident, or it can be determined by a chronic disease like arthritis. In both cases, something needs to be done and the pain needs to be kept under control. People who suffer of chronic pain due to arthritis or other medical condition should learn how to live with it and how to make it bearable. On the other hand, people who get injured and suddenly experience aggressive pain need something that will make them feel better until the cause has disappeared. Rumoxil pain relief oil is usually a good solution, regardless the source of the pain because it is made of natural ingredients. Pain killers and other similar products contain synthetic substances which might have side effects like nausea or drowsiness and people tend to avoid them.

Pain is sometimes very difficult to cope with. There are herbs and other natural ingredients which have sedative and anti-inflammatory properties and are successfully used in pain therapy. These herbs are combined by experts to obtain pain relief oils which have helped the lives of many sufferers. Not only the curative properties of the oils are helpful, but also the massage in itself. Simply applying the oil on the painful body area might provide some benefits, but these are definitely enhanced if massage is also performed. Sufferers can either go to a massage therapist or practice self-massage. In certain medical conditions, like arthritis, best results are obtained if the herbal oils are slightly warm. In arthritis it is also recommended to massage the area around the painful joint with circular movements. The sedative and the anti-inflammatory substances will reach the painful body part through the skin and will reduce pain.

What are the health benefits of using herbal pain relief oil?

Herbal oil massage is beneficial from numerous points of view. Besides considerably reducing pain, it is also very relaxing and it improves the general state of mind. Generally speaking, massage increases the blood flow which enables more oxygen and nutritive substances to reach the painful tissue and to speed up its recovery. Stiffness in muscles and joints is reduced thanks to herbal oil massage.

Rumoxil oil is a natural and safe alternative for those people who need to learn how to cope with pain. It is also a much appreciated by sportsmen or people who are prone to injuries due to their work. This does not mean that people who occasionally experience pains or even headaches can't enjoy the benefits of herbal oil massage.

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